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One Bag of Rice & The Scottish Secret.

We are so excited to be back teaching Drama again to children in Norfolk and the surrounding area! Because we had only just got going again we did not manage to have a performance in our usual February slot, but we are able to bring our own brand of mayhem & fun to a local school fair this July.

Working with two groups this year, there are two performances on display on the 12th July 2024. The performances are kept short because audience attention spans at summer fairs are notoriously fickle (everyone is waiting for the raffle and looking for the tuck shop and wondering when it is going to rain). Because if this, each group will be under 15 mins, but we hope they are no less impactful for the performers as well as their supporters, as some of our performers have never done anything like this before. As such, these performances, with their nuances of performing outside, to a distracted audience in changeable conditions will be a huge learning curve for all of those involved and might well feel a little scary going into them. We are well prepared, however, and one of the reasons we do a lot of work on improvisation and working as an ensemble is to help in situations like these where things might not always go according to plan. It is also the reason we 'rehearse, rehearse, rehearse,' meaning that external distractions shouldn't put us off too much because we are so well practiced.

Both performances are going to be as ready as they can be when we get there, and we will just see how we get on on the day. Our audiences are so supportive, and hopefully a festive atmosphere will mean everybody enjoys our performances and feels like they have got something out of it.

Why not join us?

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